Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday Interview: Meet a Knitter

It's Interview Friday, a new feature here on the JPK&S blog. Every Friday we hope to post an interview with a knitter or sewer or all around crafter. First up, David, a knitter.

Meet David. He's a knitter. David walked into our store and sat in our living room and proceeded to pull out his enormous project bag (a giant plastic bag) and started knitting away. We sat down and asked him a few questions:

What are you making? twin blankets for two little girls.

Where are you from? my partner and I just moved here from Atlanta. We're here for 6 months.

How long have you been knitting? for four years.

How did you learn? I taught myself by reading books, hanging out in yarn stores, asking lots of questions, and watching youtube videos.

What's your home yarn shop? Bumbleberry in Clarkesville, Georgia [big shout out from David to his friends at Bumbleberry...anyone traveling in that direction this summer should definitely check it out.]

What's your favorite project you've done so far? probably when I finished my first sweater.

Do you make things for your partner? mainly hats and scarves, he won't wear anything else.

Favorite knitting book? all the Stitch n' Bitch series.

Your favorite needles? Addi Turbo Clicks

[Insert shot of David's manly black leather knitting case.]

Best David quote: "I never thought I was creative until I started to knit. It's very relaxing, once you know how to do it."

Thanks to David for participating in our first ever "meet a crafter" Friday Interview series. And welcome to the neighborhood!

ps. all of David's answers to my questions above were delivered in a lovely southern accent.... being a Yankee, I loved it!


  1. Hey, that's my little brother! His work is BEAUTIFUL, just sayin'. He isn't really good with fingerless gloves though, they must not be his specialty!! Luv U David

    Look Out Beantown!!!

  2. That's my sweet friend! I love him and miss him terribly! Come back to Georgia and help me knit more!

  3. i love these interviews jpk&s!!