Thursday, February 24, 2011

Weaving dragons

So it's vacation week for the Boston Public Schools. And yes, maybe we could have opened JP Knit & Stitch before this week, but, seriously, having the kids off all week makes an already complicated schedule way more complicated. So we've been juggling kids the last few days and getting stuff done in the store to prepare for our official opening which is only....EIGHT DAYS AWAY...we can't wait. Really.

Wild weaving wall hanging...with dragons and water ways swooping and swirling around.

Today I took the kids to the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton. I had read about Nathalie Miebach's very cool sounding Changing Waters installation. According to the exhibition notes, the woven sculptures are all based on "weather and marine data collected from the coast of Maine." It was as amazing as described though I can't say I totally "got" it. Getting it was severely compromised by being with my kids (and I was only there with two out of a possible three). I didn't have much time to spend with the art as my almost-3 year old, of course, wanted to touch everything in sight...

I have to say that the Fuller Craft Museum was not the most kid-friendly space I've ever been to. Since it has "museum" in its title that should give one a hint, I suppose. I was thinking more on the lines of craft = hands on = ok environment for kids. Not so. The Fuller Craft Museum was lovely--a cool, modern building with lots of big windows and bright light in a beautiful setting on a pond--but very tip toey and museum-like. I love craft because it is sooooo handmade and tactile both in the making of it and in the using of it. It's different from "art" in that it's both beautiful and meaningful and....useful. The traditional crafts of knitting, sewing, weaving, crocheting, furniture making, pottery--to name only a few--are all things of beauty that we make with our own hands in order to use. Not to stare at in a glass box, untouchable, unreachable, unfeelable....anyway, these were my thoughts as I hustled my restless, messy, touchy children through the museum and out the door.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

JP, get your yarn bomb on..

The famous Magda Sayeg-covered bus in Mexico City...wouldn't we just love to see the 39 bus covered in yarn? Photo via yarnbombing blog

An interesting front page article in the Globe today about yarn bombing. We here at JP Knit & Stitch have often fantasized about knitting a little yarn graffiti outside our store where there is a collection of ugly utility poles just crying out for beautification...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Opening March 4th!!!



...come far!!!!

JP Knit & Stitch will be open for business on March 4th. We are more than a little excited (also a tad nervous). Get your project ideas ready and we'll see you in March.

p.s. We can't wait to meet you...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Knitting and sewing supplies...

Our supply wall is filling out with needles, tape measures, scissors, pin cushions, kids kits, sewing patterns including Oliver & S, Amy Butler, and Heather Bailey, and so much more...

Knitting needles of all shapes and sizes, including kids needles (brightly color coded left and cute! and perfect for that new small knitter in your life).

Some of our many and various buttons...we are still figuring out how best to organize, display, and catalog...

Friday, February 4, 2011

Cubbies, cubbies everywhere

While we ARE making progress, there is still plenty to do. Here's what the empty cubbies look like before they are filled with fluffy yarn.

This box is "done" meaning it had been tagged and inventoried.

The bags then get organized into the cubbies...

...and then opened and the skeins are carefully stacked in each cubby. Yes, we have friends in high places. Thanks, Carol!

A finished area...

....and a bright beautiful wall of Cascade 220.