Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Weaving + knitting

This is Skipp. He is very crafty. Project number 1: hand-woven (on Skipp's very own table loom, see below) scarf made from one skein of gorgeous lavender Giselle yarn from Classic Elite.

Here is his table loom in action! (Don't get me started on his beautiful woven landscapes...)

Project number 2: cute hat called Lidsville from the Son of Stitch n' Bitch book (we have it here at JP Knit & Stitch).

Skipp is working on attaching the brim to the hat. We can't wait to see him sporting it soon!


  1. I check your blog every day to get new ideas. Can't wait to get back in there myself next week.

  2. Yea, Skipp! I love reading about what my neighbors and community members are working on.

    Also, thanks to JPKnS staff, who were so friendly and helpful to me during my first visit to the shop yesterday.