Thursday, March 31, 2011

Awesome sweater, hat + bonus project

Betsy and Brandy were in the shop the other day...they took their time thinking through possible color combinations for a sweater that Betsy's mom is making Brandy for her birthday (lucky Brandy!).

Here they are with piles of yarn thinking through all the possible color combinations (if you are lucky enough [Brandy!] to have a custom sweater/hoodie made, you want it to be perfect...)

Here's the sweater...

And the hat that Betsy is making Brandy (did I mention that Brandy is lucky?)...

And here are all the colors in a big pile: Cascade 220 Superwash Sport in 4 shades of blue, purple, gray, and black and Debbie Bliss Prima in blue and gray for the hat.

And here's Betsy's bonus project: a skull and crossbones hat she is making out of Berroco Comfort for a fundraiser for Dana Farber Cancer Center. Did I forget to mention that Besty and Brandy are in the WFA (Women's Football Alliance) and they play for the Boston Militia (the skull and crossbones is their logo), Boston's very own women's football team? How awesome is that? Next game is home against the NY Sharks on April 16th. Go Militia!!!!!!

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