Friday, January 14, 2011

JP Knit & Stitch helpers

We had lots of friends and helpers at JP Knit & Stitch yesterday--for which we are truly grateful! Eliza stickered lots of yarn balls and Maggie made us a beautiful sign.

Zachary and Russell organized lots of buttons.

Some of our helpers were more helpful than others...

This is the category of helper that we at JP Knit & Stitch like to call eye candy. There were two of these at the store yesterday. Both of their mothers were extremely helpful...between feedings. My those babies are hungry. Yes, we got to hold the babies and yes, they smelled baby fresh and lovely. This one I couldn't help but put into our--still unpacked--box of Manos del Uruguay yarn. Doesn't she look cute?

Maura was our IKEA specialist. She put together two chairs for us. Apparently, the stool for the kids area was very complicated.

Here it is finished.

Some of our helpers were very tired and took a nap. Thanks to all of our helpers!


  1. When is opening day? I can't wait to stop by...


  2. The shop looks wonderful! I think my Grafton knitting club will have to take a field trip in February! :-)