Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Spring dresses!

Look who walked into our shop the other day! Debi had come in a few weeks ago to buy some fabric for a dress she wanted to make for a wedding in Texas. She had the Colette dress pattern Chantilly (we LOVE Colette and carry a range of her beautiful dress/skirt/top patterns in the store) and bought 2+ yards of the soft and drapey Anna Maria Horner voile...the photo does not do the fabric or the dress or the sewing justice! But here she is in her beautiful spring dress...that...she...made...herself...perfect for that summer-y wedding in Texas.

Don't forget the matching clutch (free Amy Butler pattern here).

Like all things worth doing, this dress required a little work:
"My measurements did not fall into one particular size, and Colette patterns are written for a C cup, which would be too big for me. First, I made adjustments to the pattern following a combination of these 2 tutorials: How to do a small bust adjustment and Flat pattern method small bust adjustment, then I made a muslin of the bodice and made further adjustments to get it to fit properly."
Debi also had this to say about working with the Colette pattern:
"I really enjoyed working with the Colette pattern, the directions came in a booklet form, which I loved, and were very easy to follow."

And here is Debi in her muslin of the bodice. We love this picture because it shows just how patient you have to be if you want a beautiful and well-fitting dress. There is a time and place for fun and fast projects, but for a lovely dress to wear at a wedding, you want it to feel and fit correctly...and this shows the work that goes into creating a one of a kind garment that fits you like a glove. Yours, and yours only.
And here she is at the wedding, cowboy boots and all!
Thanks, inspire us!

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  1. AMAZING!! beautiful work and what a process!