Friday, March 4, 2011

We are open for business!!!

We had an amazing first day. Thanks to everyone who came by...we were so busy that we didn't stop. I wanted to post to the blog in the morning but there was no time once we opened those doors. People just kept on coming. We took lots of photos and are hoping to create a Flickr group soon to share them. Until then, here are a few shots of our day.

Our first order of business was claiming our corner (intersection of Centre and South Huntington). We yarn bombed the ugly utility pole with Pat's gorgeous knit tube. Throughout the day we saw people touching it, rubbing it, and even hugging it as they walked by. Seriously. (This is JP after all...)

There was the Globe reporter outside interviewing our first customer.

Here we are....ready to go...and ready to help you pick out your next project. Introducing the newest JP Knit & Stitchers: Eloise, Stephanie, and Anna.

We tore down those walls between us and the street. Ahh light!!!!!!

Here is Christy, one of our amazing sample sewers, who stopped in and dropped off our sewn poof for the children's area. Thanks, Christy, soooooo cute. goes beautifully with the knitted poof Jennifer made where a beautiful butterfly named Benny alighted.

One of our first customers were these cute + crafty JP moms, including the famous Jeanne Po who has done some wonderful sewing for us and is a pattern tester for Oliver & S. Visit her awesome blog here. Thanks for coming ladies, you are funky + fabulous and always inspiring.

One of my favorites. These girls were 11 and 12 and just learned to knit and crochet. Check out those cool crocheted leg warmers.

Here is Stephanie pointing to her beret standing next to Caroline who designed the pattern. She happens to live down the street. We feel so lucky to be in JP where there are so many creative people.

We had such fun meeting all of you and all of your projects (real and imagined). We are so inspired. We'll leave you with this thought for the day: we discovered crafty people come in two categories, those that come in knowing exactly what they want for whatever project they are working on and those that come in just to wander and let the materials speak to them...they don't know what they will make but they need that ball of yarn or that yard of fabric anyway. Which one are you? Or are you both?

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