Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Category: Dawn's amazing projects

This is a diagram of a needle case with an attached notion bag.

This is the fabric and yarn for the needle case and notion bag. The fabric is a gorgeous dec weight by the Japanese designer Isso Ecco.

This is the MIT scientist and her very helpful partner who designed the needle bag and notion case. (We were very impressed by the diagram, but were a little unsure how the whole thing would work.)

Well, look what walked into out store two days later (yes, two).

Isn't it amazing? That's what a little pre-planning and a background in logical thinking will get you folks.

Science + creativity + pretty colors + graphic patterns = a needle case to die for.

File under: Yes, we were inspired (can she make one for us?).

ps. check out Dawn's first JP Knit & Stitch project (the bag she is wearing over her shoulder) at our NEW JP Knit & Stitch Ravelry page.

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