Monday, March 7, 2011

Crafty projects...

We had such fun at our opening weekend at JP Knit & Stitch. We just loved when people came in with projects in mind that they had been saving for us. Here is a window shade project that, to be one hundred percent honest, I wasn't quite sure about. Hmmm, I thought...I love the fabric and sounds like a great idea, but will it work???

Check out those Geigher scissors...the fabric is a dec weight by a Japanese designer named Isso Ecco. I just love it!

And, voila! She not only made it work but in record 24 hours. Go Molly!

ps. More Press: The JP Gazette article on us just came out on the web. Stay tuned for the paper version on March 18th.


  1. Hi there! I'm a local and stopped by on Sunday with my hubby and baby in tow. I've been anxiously awaiting your store for months, and am looking forward to stopping in again when I have more time to choose a project and fabric. You've done an awesome job with the design of the store. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing what kind of sewing classes you'll offer.

  2. As I look out my kitchen window I get to see my neighbor's pretty new Japanese inspired fabric shades. Thanks for adding color and beauty to my view, Molly!

  3. ohh! so sweet!
    thanks Genevieve for the shout out! YOU THREE LADIES HAVE SUCH A GREAT STORE!! love it!
    just in case anyone else has vinyl roller shades they are looking to replace with great fabric from knit & stitch....
    ps_"momo" you rock!!