Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The JP Knit & Stitch Living Room

When we first looked at this space last summer, one of the reasons we choose it (apart from it's great size + location) was because we fell in love with the huge windows overlooking Centre Street. As soon as we walked in we looked at each other and the huge windows and had the same thought: perfect for knitting circles, leafing through patterns, and just a generally great place to hang out and think about making something. We immediately saw comfortable chairs, built in window seats...a community gathering place. Our motto is "be inspired" and, well, we were inspired by this space, especially the giant, sunny, open windows.

So now, all these months later, we have taken to calling this part of the store the "living room." Our contractors built these wonderful window seats all the way around the front part of the store. It's kind of hard to capture the whole feeling in a photo, but we think it works really well in the space. Here you can see the base of the yarn cubbies drying out on the window seats.

We found out later after many conversations with the wonderful Kat (the owner of Petal & Leaf who occupied this space for eight located at 48 South Street) that she actually put in three of the windows you see here before opening her store. Thanks, Kat! And while we're at it, a big shout out to Kat for being so very generous with her time talking us through her experiences in this space over eight years. It was a big help to us as we were trying to make a decision about whether or not to sign a lease. (We are so thankful we did!)

So, this is the JP Knit & Stitch living room. Imagine how it will look with our JP Knit & Stitch fabric covered cushions (sneak peak coming soon) and aqua blue fabric covered chairs.
We can't wait.


  1. Good luck! Looking forward to being a customer although have not progressed past basic scarves.

  2. Any update on your grand opening date? This JP knitter can't wait!!