Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Amazing Bobbi Davis

We have been posting views of the build out of JP Knit & Stitch over the last few weeks, now we want to devote this post to the person who has made it all possible...the amazing Bobbi Davis: interior designer, architect, lighting specialist, problem solver, and idea factory. Here is Bobbi with the absolutely adorable and critical 3-D model she made for us after our very first meeting.

We came to Bobbi at the very beginning of this project and presented her with our vision: a full service yarn and fabric store with a community soul. We wanted lots of well laid out spaces for a huge assortment of yarn, we wanted customizable fabric shelves, we wanted a computer resource area for our customers to look up free patterns on the web, we wanted a sewing area, we wanted a kitchenette, we wanted a work table, we wanted a living room, we wanted a kids short, we wanted it all. And Bobbi Davis delivered.

She took an empty 1450 square foot box with a lot of peculiarities (those poles!) and methodically, tirelessly worked to realize our vision. We all spent many an hour together in her treetop studio pouring over plans and watching Bobbi sketch out our dream.

This photo is pure Bobbi: she came up with the most amazingly detailed, meticulous plans for every nook and cranny of the space, not to mention the extensive electrical plan. She created for us (and colored it in) elevations, scale drawings, plans, floor maps...all to help us understand her vision for creating this space. (That Prismacolor box is just as cool as you imagine...a rainbow of colored pencils to play with.)

Here is a top view of the model Bobbi built for us. We think we're going to shellack it and keep it as a memento of our journey from empty space to full service yarn + fabric store. This model was invaluable to us in the beginning as we struggled to visualize the space. Study this model and then come into JP Knit & Stitch. See how complete Bobbi's vision was from the beginning.

We are so grateful for the opportunity to work with Bobbi. We want to thank her for making our dream a reality. We couldn't have done it without her.
xo JP Knit & Stitch.
p.s. We are hoping to interview Bobbi about her work in an upcoming post, including her time as the display designer for all 32 windows at the downtown Boston Filene's Department Store...and wait until you see the needlepointed shoes her husband made for her...

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